On Monday 4 November 2019, the Electrical Engineering Student Association of the Yogyakarta State University carried out the 2019 Electrical Competition (ELCO2019). The activity was held in the KPLT building of the Faculty of Engineering of UNY on the 3rd floor. The Electrical Competition was a PLC competition at the SMK level, and for ELCO2019, in addition to the PLC competition, a video tutorial contest was also held on "Electricity" which had been made by ELCO2019 participants before the ELCO2019 day.

The event started at 07.30 opened with remarks by Mr. Totok Heru Tri Maryadi, M. Pd. as Chair of the Department of Electrical Engineering Education, Faculty of Engineering, Yogyakarta State University, then continued with the first round race. In this first round participants worked on 50 multiple choice questions with a duration of 60 minutes. After the participants finished the first round, the 27 team participants were divided into three sessions in which one session consisted of 9 teams to proceed to the second round. In the second round, the application of the program to the zelio smart relay begins. In the second round there were also eliminations from 27 teams to 16 teams that qualified for the next round.

After the completion of the second round, the event continued into the third round. In this third round there was elimination from 16 teams to 6 teams to go to the final round. In this final round, the teams that passed were directed to the Electrical Installation Workshop of the Department of Electrical Engineering Education to hold the match there. Meanwhile, the team that did not qualify for the final round was guided by the committee for the Tour to the Department of Electrical Engineering Education. In the final round, participants were required to be able to realize the control application to control a three-phase electric motor based on the Zelio Smart Relay PLC.

After the final round was finished all teams were directed back to the KPLT Hall on the 3rd floor of the UNY Faculty of Engineering to hear the announcement of the results of the race. There were four awards given, three awards for the PLC race and one award for the video tutorial competition. SMK N 2 Cilacap won first place, Team 1 from SMK N 2 Kendal won second place, third place was won by Team 2 from SMK Karya Guna 1 Bekasi, and video tutorial champion was won by Team 1 from SMK Karya Guna 1 Bekasi. The Electrical Competition was closed with a photo session between the 2019 Electrical Competition committee and the participants.